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Piet Hein Eek, one of the leading Dutch designers, started his career in the early ‘90s with furniture made of scrap wood. In more recent years he also started co-operations on a wide variety of products. In close co-operation we brings his latest, designer eyewear and sunwear. These unique sunglasses and optical frames are made in Japan and 100% titanium. 

Liam Gallagher's 
favorite Sunglasses  

Unfamiliar with the standards of the eyewear industry Piet Hein Eek redefined the concept of an eyewear frame and brought it back into 3 original lines: one solid line for the top front, one for the lower front and one for the temple.


The biggest challenge for this concept was to find a production partner. After two years of consultation, a small Japanese family business accepted this challange and made this titanium collection.







The Eyewear concept is recognisable by its elegant shapes and extraordinary robust elements. The front view is of the frame is thin, but from the top view and the side view the thickness of the titanium shows. The eyes are always visible from the side because of the iconic twist in the temple. The inclination angle is adjustable because of this twist.


Next to the usual colours of titanium, the colour Raw Titanium was added. Also Dark Red, Dark Blue and Purple make their debuts.


A new way of coloring is developed as well, which enables to show the base titanium material better. This even led to the Raw Titanium version.

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